Request an Accessibility Review of Third-Party Software or Platform

Are you about to teach with digital materials? Are you planning to use a third-party software but are unsure of its accessibility? The DSI CLEAR Compliance Team may be able to assist you. This form is for faculty members who are planning to use a piece of software, technology, or third-party platform as a required component of the course curriculum and would like to know if the third-party tool is accessible to all their students, including students with disabilities and students using assistive technology to navigate digital materials.

What this form is for:

  • Faculty members planning to use a third-party digital tool in their course in future semesters.
  • Review of a third-party desktop or mobile application integrated in Canvas.
  • Review of interactive ancillary materials, assignments-based materials (e.g., quizzes, homework, simulations) that are hosted on the vendor's third-party platform.

What this form is not for:

  • Faculty members using the tool in a course that DSI CLEAR helped develop (accessibility services are included as part of the process). However, if you would like a one-hour consultation on your existing course, please follow this link: DSI CLEAR Consultation Request Form.
  • Review of textbooks (hard copy or digital).

After you submit your request, a member of our DSI CLEAR Compliance Team will follow up within two business days.