Conducting empirical research to improve pedagogical and technological strategy in virtual and physical spaces

Learning Analysis & Digital Research Center (LADR)

The Center offers opportunities for student internships, faculty training, sponsored research across multiple disciplines, technology development, and research on online courses to further enrich student learning experiences. The purpose of our research and development activities is to inform, improve, and innovate digital learning and teaching practices, in both physical and virtual spaces.

Our four focus areas are:

  • Multimedia learning

  • AR/VR/AI/Adaptive

  • Technology and pedagogy in physical spaces

  • Accessibility and inclusion

We love to connect with faculty members looking to conduct a research project to enhance students’ learning experience and students looking for an internship opportunity in digital learning research.



Collaborative for UNT Online Faculty Fellows (CUFF)

CUFF members play a crucial role in the research and development activities of the Center.