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UNT is the academic cornerstone of DFW — one of the country’s most vibrant economies. We can work with your businesses to bring UNT degrees, training, and professional development to your employees. Explore how we can help your organization grow.

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Use Your Tuition Benefit

Tuition Benefit Programs are one of the most under-utilized benefits offered to employees. UNT offers a concierge service for employees of companies offering a tuition benefit program.


Collaborate with UNT Faculty in the Classroom

Partner with UNT faculty to serve as project judges, guest lecturers, content collaborators, program advisory boards, and more. This partnership opens doors for your company to develop relationships with and hire UNT students who are prepared with the knowledge and skills you are looking for.

Enroll in Professional Learning Courses
UNT offers open enrollment courses and trainings in a variety of fields for workforce development, continuing education credit, and retraining.
Upskill and Reskill Your Employees
UNT, with our vast course catalog, can create custom up/reskilling opportunities for your workforce. We can take an off-the-shelf class and tailor it to your needs with case studies and other information you provide to the instructor for the course. These courses can be private instances for your team offered online, hybrid, or face-to-face.

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