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Customized Education

Our service bridges the gap between higher education and the corporate sector, creating a symbiotic relationship where both entities thrive. By partnering with us, corporations can provide their employees with access to a range of educational opportunities. These opportunities include specialized courses, professional certifications, and degree programs, all designed to align with the industry's demands and the company’s specific needs.


What are "Customized Education Programs"?
  • In collaboration with our corporate partners, we facilitate seamless integration of educational programs into the working lives of employees.
  • Customized programs may include flexible online learning options, on-site training sessions, and tailored learning paths that consider the busy schedules and specific learning goals of each participant and their employer.


Available to:
  • Businesses and corporate partners who would like to partner with us in developing customized courses and programs that will benefit their business and their employees.
Become a Corporate Parter:
  • Would your company be interested in partnering with UNT for education solutions for your employees? Contact us today

Getting Started

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