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An Important Copyright Alert is a site that is growing in popularity among professors, but its Terms of Use reserve all the copyrights for documents uploaded to their site in the original authors of those works.  The Terms require anyone wishing to use the documents to reach out to the original author for permission.  Yet, people who upload the documents frequently do not share their contact information, making permission impossible.  For this reason we are advising against the use of materials obtained from  We will keep you updated on any developments in this area by posting the information here.

Keep it SIMPLE — link whenever possible!

In most cases, you can eliminate the need for permission or fees by simply providing a link to the web page which contains the work instead of making copies of it.  This includes online resources – such as hyperlinked articles, online books, and video recordings – available through the UNT library.  (Please note: it is always safer and more preferable to link to the web page containing the work rather than linking directly to a work, such as an image or PDF, as linking directly to a work may confuse students as to ownership/authorship.)

What about when linking won't do?

You still have options!

Please start here with our "Dos & Don'ts" primer, or our Videos on Copyright, to get a general idea of the ways in which copyrighted works may be used.

Next, peruse outside sources for open access/public domain images, text, video, and audio at our Usable Works list.

If you have a third-party asset you would like to use, then a good place to explore is the frequently asked questions compiled for text, images, video, and audio.

Lastly, look to the technical details of copyright exceptions and defenses here to see if your intended use might fall within one of these safe harbors.

Learn About Best Practices!

Refer to the Dos & Don'ts Primer for advice on how to handle different copyright situations.

Tips for How to Use Specific Media


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