Videos on Copyright & Trademark Compliance

The four videos on this web page were created by the CLEAR Compliance Team as a means of professional development in the subject of Copyright & Trademark Compliance. The videos are only accessible to the UNT community. Each video runs between approximately ten and fifteen minutes in length.  The first video covers all the basics of copyright and trademarks. The second is a detailed walk-through of all the tips included in our Dos and Don'ts of Copyright & Trademark found here.  The third video contains an introductory guide to a systematic method of assessing your own course content for compliance.  It covers such topics as linking versus embedding, the public domain, and open access licenses, such as Creative Commons.  Lastly, the fourth video contains an advanced and detailed look at the major exceptions and defenses to copyright infringement, including both the TEACH Act and Fair Use Doctrine.

You will need to log in to your Microsoft 365 account in order to view these videos.