Respondus LockDown Browser

Respondus LockDown Browser™ is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment within Canvas. It prevents students from accessing an exam within a regular browser. When students use Respondus LockDown Browser, they are unable to print, copy, go to another URL, or access other applications. When an assessment is started, students are locked into it until they submit it for grading.

Instructor training is provided by Respondus on a monthly basis. View their webinar schedule to sign up.

New feature! Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor now has screen recording. This option will record the student and their computer screen while taking an exam and is available in the Respondus settings on a per exam basis.
Additional notes:
- Screen recording is only available for exams that use both LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor.
- Initially, only students using Windows and Mac computers are able to use screen recording. 
- There are currently no plans to offer screen recording for iPad users.
- Institutions with managed devices will need to use LockDown Browser version or later. Students won’t be able to access the exam if the screen recording option is enabled but the LockDown Browser version isn’t current.

We have created a helpful "Tips for Success on Remote Exams and Quizzes" document for you to distribute to students explaining how to use the LockDown Browser for Exams and Quizzes.

 Download "Tips for Success on Remote Exams and Quizzes"

For technical support, students can use the built-in troubleshooting and 24/7 LiveChat technical support, look for the "It’s not working link" or follow this additional troubleshooting guide.  Students should contact the UNT IT Helpdesk if Respondus is unable to resolve the issue and immediately contact their instructor or instructor-assigned proctor. 

Phone: 940-565-2324

Click on the options below to learn how Respondus LockDown Browser is used within Canvas.


Configure a Quiz with LockDown Browser

To set up a quiz in Canvas that requires students to use LockDown Browser, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the quiz has been created in the Canvas course.
  2. Click Settings in the far left Course Navigation menu.
  3. Click on the "Navigation" tab at the top of the page.
  4. Scroll down the list of items until you find "LockDown Browser."
  5. Click the three vertical dots next to "LockDown Browser" and select Enable. "LockDown Browser" will move up to the top portion of the page.
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the green Save button.
  7. Now that LockDown Browser has been enabled, click on the tab in the far left Course Navigation menu.
  8. Select "Continue to LockDown Browser" at the bottom right.
  9. LockDown Browser and Webcam SettingsA list of quizzes in the course will be displayed. Quizzes labeled with “Required” under "LockDown Browser" require students to use LockDown Browser. Quizzes labeled with “Not Required” do not require students to use LockDown Browser.
  10. To change the settings, click on the grey drop-down button to the left of a quiz name. Select "Settings," then select "Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam."  
  11. You can select "Require LockDown Browser to view quiz feedback and results." Under "Password Settings," you may create an access code that students must enter to start the quiz.
  12. If you wish to use Respondus Monitor, select "Require Respondus Monitor for this exam" under "Monitor Webcam Settings."
  13. Click the blue Save + Close button.

Respondus Monitor Feature in Canvas

Respondus Monitor is a webcam feature for LockDown Browser that records students during their exam. Instructors can require students to use a webcam and microphone with Respondus Monitor. After the student has completed the exam, an instructor can review the details of the exam and watch the recorded videos.

Enable Respondus Monitor for an Exam

If you choose to use Respondus Monitor, additional settings will appear while configuring a quiz with LockDown Browser (explained above). To require all students use a webcam during the exam, select “Require Respondus Monitor for this exam” (step 7, above).

Tip: To ensure your first exam using Respondus Monitor runs smoothly, have students take an ungraded practice quiz that requires the use of LockDown Browser and a webcam before taking a graded exam.

Review Webcam Videos

If students were required to use Respondus Monitor, instructors can access information about the exam sessions and review the recorded videos.

  1. Return to your Canvas course and select "Lockdown Browser" from the left-hand navigation bar.
  2. Select the drop-down arrow to the left of the exam title, then select Video Review.
  3. A class roster will be shown, along with the date, time, duration of the test, and grade (if applicable).
  4. You may then click the "+" to the left of the student's name to review the exam details.

Student Access

When students access a quiz that requires Respondus LockDown Browser, they will see a message (shown below) that tells them to launch LockDown Browser and provides a download link in case they have not yet downloaded the program.

Respondus Required Text

Once a student has downloaded Respondus LockDown Browser, they must open the program. A pop-up for "Choose Server" (pictured below) will appear that says "More than one e-learning system is used at your institution. Please select the appropriate system from the list below. The student must choose "UNT Denton Canvas."

Server Selection Window

After opening LockDown Browser, the student must then navigate to their course and begin the quiz.

Additional Guides, Manuals, and Tutorials

Common Errors in LockDown Browser
  1. Sorry, there appears to be an issue with the configuration of this exam.
    • Solution: Instructor must navigate to Lockdown Browser dashboard and click “Fix It” next to exam if it appears.

      2. Cannot detect or configure the webcam

    • Solution: Update Respondus, restart computer, close down all applications that might use a video camera or webcam, close down any utilities running in the background such as Dropbox, Skype, Instant Messaging clients, Facebook, BitTorrent, Spotify, and MegaBackup. Such utilities could be preventing your webcam from working correctly with LockDown Browser.

      3. Unable to connect to the Respondus server

    • Instructor must navigate to Lockdown Browser dashboard and click “Fix It” next to exam if it appears.

      4. The server skipped over navigation that was needed to start the exam correctly

    • Clearing cookies and cache resolves this issue.

      5. Could not retrieve exam settings. Please ask your instructor to verify the exam settings on the Lockdown Browser dashboard.

    • Instructor must navigate to Lockdown Browser dashboard and click “Fix It” next to exam if it appears.
    • Students need to access the exam by first navigating to the course and then going to the appropriate test area or content area.

      6. Unable to launch Respondus Monitor startup sequence for the exam. Please try again later.

    • Instructor must navigate to Lockdown Browser dashboard and click “Fix It” next to exam if it appears.

     7. This quiz requires Respondus Lockdown Browser. Please launch Respondus Lockdown Browser to take this quiz or view your quiz results.

    • Instructor must navigate to Lockdown Browser dashboard and click “Fix It” next to exam if it appears.
    • Students need to access the exam by first navigating to the course and then going to the appropriate test area or content area.

Download LockDown Browser (Student Edition)*

The Student Version of LockDown Browser uses a standard Windows or Mac installer. This download link is unique for UNT and is intended for students' use on their privately owned computers:

*Don't use the "Student Edition" of LockDown Browser on UNT-owned computers; use the "Lab Edition" instead. Log in with your UNT credentials to Download the Lab Edition.

Sage Hall Testing Center

Respondus LockDown Browser (LDB) is installed on the 160 machines in the Sage Hall Testing Center ( You can find more information about the testing center and make a reservation for your class to take an exam there at

When completing the reservation form for the exam, you must enter Respondus LockDown Browser within the Software Restrictions and/or Requests blank.