Follow these instructions on how to use Turnitin in Canvas to identify if assignment content has been plagiarized or generated by AI. The AI writing detection model may not always be accurate (it may misidentify both human and AI-generated text) so it should not be used as the sole basis for adverse actions against a student. It takes further scrutiny and human judgment in conjunction with an organization's application of its specific academic policies to determine whether any academic misconduct has occurred.

Step 1: Go to your course in Canvas. Log in from:

Step 2: From the course navigation menu on the left, select Grades

Screen capture of a course in Canvas with Grades circled within the breadcrumb navigation menu.

Step 3: You are now in the Gradebook. Navigate to your student’s assignment submission. Turnitin will flag submissions in either green (low risk); yellow (medium risk), or red (high risk).

Screen capture of a gradebook highlighting assignment grades, showing green, yellow, and red flags next to each grade.

Step 4: Click on an individual submission, then select the open submission tray button on the right.

Screen capture showing the location of the open submission tray button next to a students' grade, the button is in the shape of a rectangle with an arrow inside pointed to the right.

Step 5: The submission tray for the individual student will pop up on the right-hand side of your screen. Navigate to SpeedGrader and click the link.

Screen capture of submission tray with the SpeedGrader button circled.

Step 6: On the SpeedGrader page, the column on the right-hand side of your screen will display the similarity score, expressed in percentage. It will be shown below “Submitted Files”. 

Screen capture of the SpeedGrader interface in Canvas, with an arrow pointing to the similarity score percentage of a student submission.

Step 7: Click on the similarity score percentage button to open the assignment in Turnitin. This will open the Turnitin feedback report on the student’s assignment, highlighting the portions of content identified as plagiarized. 

Screen capture of Turnitin feedback report on a student's individual assignment, showing the entire essay excerpt as being plagiarized.

If you download the report, the last page of the report will list which items have been plagiarized and from which sources.