Canvas End-of-Semester Tasks

Below are steps to help you bring your course to a successful semester close. Please contact the Faculty Helpdesk at (940) 369-7394 or submit a support ticket with any questions.


Course Copies

As the semester draws to a close, you may want to place your Canvas course's contents into an upcoming semester's Canvas course. To perform this action in Canvas, follow course copy steps outlined on our FAQ's page.

Exporting Items from Canvas


There is currently no function within Canvas for downloading Discussion posts and threads. However, you can go to a thread and either take a screenshot of your page or save your page view as a PDF for future reference. 


As with Discussions, there is currently no "button" for downloading inbox conversations from Canvas. Taking a screenshot of a thread or downloading the webpage as a PDF is always an option. 


To download submissions for an assignment in Canvas, follow the Canvas Community's guide on bulk assignment downloads


To download quiz results from Canvas, follow the steps below:

    1. Go to "Quizzes" and click on the name of the quiz whose results you want to download.
    2. Under "Related Items" on the top right of your screen, click on "Quiz Statistics."
    3. On the top right of the screen, click on "Student Analysis" to download an Excel file containing the quiz's results. 


    1. In your course, select Grades from the left-hand Course Navigation menu.
    2. In the top left-hand corner, click the "Actions" drop-down.
    3. Select "Export."
    4. The CSV file will then be automatically downloaded to your computer.

Content Collection

Currently, there is no function within Canvas with which to download all course files at once. 

Entering Grades into MyUNT

At the end of every semester, instructors are responsible for uploading students’ final grades into MyUNT. The Registrar offers support for the grade reporting process, and their website provides instructions for submitting student grades to the Faculty Center. 

If you have questions about Canvas, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, contact the Faculty Helpdesk, or take a look at the Canvas Community's Instructor Guides