Out of State Teaching Fee

In Texas Education Code 54.545, the Texas Legislature ruled that courses taken by students that reside out of the State are self-supporting courses which do not qualify for formula funding. Students in these courses are charged an Out of State Teaching Fee in lieu of tuition and instructional feesThe UNT Board of Regents approved the use of an Out of State Teaching Fee. This fee must cover the cost of instruction, including overhead. This fee must be more than Texas resident tuition (including both state-mandated and board-designated portions) and applicable fees. Applicable fees are only those that are mandated by the University with the exception of the fees that students are exempt from if they are not taking any courses on campus. The applicable fees will automatically be calculated and no additional action is required by the department. 

Eighty-three percent of the Out-of- State Teaching Fee is placed in a local account within the department and these funds may roll over into the next fiscal year. Colleges and schools may retain a portion of the funds for administrative overhead.

Every spring each academic department chair will be given the opportunity to choose one of four rates ($951, $1,152, $1,350, or $1,701 per 3 SCH) to apply at each level (undergraduate, master's, and doctoral) for the upcoming academic year. These selections are recorded in a Master Table for OSTF that Student Accounting will use to place the appropriate OSTF on those courses that will be identified in a report generated by the Registrar's Office on a regular basis. For assistance with the correct application of an OSTF, please contact Jason Curry in Student Financial Services at 940.565.3226 or jason.curry@unt.edu.