Online Program Approval

The Online Program Approval process applies to all programs (both new and existing) that will be offered more than 50% online. The Provost approves online UNT programs. This process is detailed in UNT Policy 06.030 Review and Approval of Online Courses and Programs.

Online courses for both new and existing programs may be developed while program approval is in process, and you are encouraged to work with CLEAR as early as possible to ensure that your courses are ready for delivery upon program approval.

Online Program Approval Process

Prepare a program proposal with the consultation of the CLEAR staff, your department chair, and your dean. As of Fall 2017, the forms linked below replace the following forms: VPAA-182, Request for UNT Planning Authority Form, Online CLEAR Program Proposal Form, and University Accreditation’s usage of the THECB Long Form. More information and budget form resources can be found here. Send your completed proposal to Elizabeth Vogt.