Using Classrooms at UNT

There are approximately 280 classrooms and class laboratories supported by DSI Tech at UNT.  Each is equipped with a data projector, computer, and connections for a laptop computer or video source.  Each room’s equipment is operated in the same manner. 

Learning to Use DSI Tech Equipment 
  • "Hands on" -- go to a room and try it out!
  • Learn from another instructor
  • Schedule an individual or group session with us in the room of your choice

Selecting a Source to Display 
  • To select the display source for the projector, use the "Projector Remote" program on the installed computer's desktop. Click on "Computer”, “Laptop”, “Visualizer” or any of the other available sources. 

Using a Laptop Computer
  • Video (and audio) cables for your laptop computer are available from DSI Tech at no charge.  
  • Alternatively, you can present your device wirelessly by using Ditto. Read our Ditto Usage Guide.
  • Be sure to know how to activate the laptop computer's external monitor. (Available in your computer's Settings/Preferences control panel.)

Technical Assistance
  • DSI Tech assistance is readily available during most classes, including night classes. In emergencies, we can frequently help over the phone.  

Room Maintenance
  • If there is a problem with room furniture (desks, table, podium), please report to Facilities.
  • If you see something else that needs attention (lights out, too hot, etc.), please let us know and we'll report it to the proper department.