About Ditto

  • Allows you to wirelessly share your device’s screen to the classroom instructor PC (and thus, the projector)
  • Easy to use, no account required
  • Supports up to 4 simultaneous connections
  • Cross-platform: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and ChromeOS devices are supported
  • Available in all DSI-Tech supported spaces in Denton and Discovery Park

Starting Ditto

On the instructor PC, launch Ditto Receiver from the Start Menu.

Ditto located in the Windows Start Menu

Ditto Receiver shows the Room Code you need to connect your device to the system (each room’s code will be different)

Ditto Receiver software main page

Connecting to Ditto (First-Time)

Go to connect.goditto.com on your device and enter the room code (or open Ditto Connect if you already have the app installed)

Ditto connect page

The website branding will change to UNT branding when the correct code is entered. Click CONNECT to continue.

Ditto connect page

Install the full app with Option 1, or a temporary version with Option 2 (better for quick sharing)

Ditto connect download page

To share your screen using Google Chrome, choose Option 3
(Browser sharing not supported on Firefox or Edge)

Install Ditto Connect (Recommended)

Install the Ditto Connect app on your device from the App Store, Play Store, or from the connect page (shown later)
Go to airsquirrels.com/ditto/download

Ditto Connect download page

Connecting to Ditto via App

Launch the Ditto Connect app and enter the Room Code and then click Connect.

Ditto App connect page

Choose What to Share

Choose the screen or window to share from the drop-down menu.

Ditto share page

Enter the Onscreen Code when prompted as shown on the instructor PC.

Ditto PIN code displayed in room

Ditto pin entry on client

Managing Shared Content

You can have 4 devices connect simultaneously, if you want teaching assistants or students to join as well.

Click and drag to move or resize windows on the screen as needed.

Managing Ditto shared screens.

How to Stop a Share

Click Disconnect on the shared window on the instructor PC to stop that share, or close the app on your device.

Disconnect button


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