What is a certified microcredential?

UNT certified microcredentials help you chart your career in a rapidly changing economy. These short, flexible courses provide market-ready skills sought by employers today.

What is a digital badge?

When you complete a UNT certified microcredential, you receive a digital badge, which identifies and certifies the skills that you have gained. Digital badges allow you to showcase your achievements to coworkers, supervisors, or potential employers. They can be posted on social media, embedded in personal websites or e-portfolios, and downloaded as PDFs.

Who are microcredentials for? Are you...

  • A current UNT student gearing up to launch your career? Complement your degree with UNT microcredentials to gain a competitive edge.
  • An experienced professional seeking to advance in your current career or pivot to a new one? Refresh and expand your skill set with UNT microcredentials.
  • Returning to the workforce? Re-enter the professional world with confidence, equipped with UNT microcredentials that give you the latest skills.
  • Thinking about returning to college or pursuing a graduate certificate or degree? Certain UNT microcredentials offer more than a professional boost; they also provide academic credits towards undergraduate or graduate programs. Discover UNT’s academic excellence and make tangible progress in your educational journey before committing to a full program.

Why UNT certified microcredentials?

UNT certified microcredentials are designed by distinguished UNT faculty, apply clearly articulated learning outcomes, and feature rigorous, real-world assessments. Many are endorsed by our industry partners. 



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