Evaluation of an Emerging Virtual Classroom - 2022 AECT Presentation

October 2022


In this research driven presentation with accompanying Q&A and platform demonstration, AECT attendees learned about the emerging virtual classroom platform Engageli and its use in a variety of educational contexts, as an alternative to current common virtual classrooms like Zoom, as a stage for public forum, and as an advanced recording platform that enables interactivity for asynchronous classes beyond the standalone video lecture. Findings shared from our pilot with Professors Debbie Cockerham and Brian Lain. How to cite it: Archibald, A., Shahzad, R., Heap, T., Lain, B., and Cockerham, D. (2022). To be Built for More than Convenience – Evaluation of an Emerging Virtual Classroom. Poster presented at 2022 AECT International Convention, October 24-28, Las Vegas, NV.