Web traffic analytics provide data on the visitors who interact with websites. How do they arrive, where do they go, and how long they stay are a few of the data points gathered through Google Analytics. 

As technology advances, so has the ability to track visitors…and so, Google premiered its newest analytics tool, GA4.

Over the past few months, DSI Digital Growth IT Senior Programmer Analyst Dan Wenk worked tirelessly on a seamless transition from Universal Analytics to GA4. Dan’s expertise and leadership on this migration is essential to the growth of marketing UNT Online, its user experience, and data-driven insights that inform future market research opportunities. 

GA4 isn't just a rebrand of the old platform; it was completely rebuilt from the ground up. With GA4, which replaced Universal Analytics (UA) on July 1, its reimagined capabilities are able to determine exactly who is drawn to what kind of information when visiting any UNT webpage from desktop and mobile devices.

This new seamless way of collecting data helps our team determine valuable insights on current and prospective students, UNT online partners, faculty and staff. Additionally, GA4 includes the ability to measure detailed metrics from what social media campaigns and Google Ads are driving traffic to our various webpages. 

Dan Wenk sitting at his desk“With GA4’s event-based data reporting we can identify and track user journeys and create better personas for future campaigns,” says Dan Wenk. “Previously, capturing user interactions followed a fixed data structure and a limited list of interaction types. Now with GA4, every interaction is captured, with a default suite of events previously only available with customization.” 


Some automated events now available in GA4 are:

  • When a user clicks an ad.
  • Each time a user clicks a link that leads away from the current site.
  • When a user clicks a link leading to a file.
  • When the user submits a form.
  • The first time a user scrolls to reach the bottom of each page.

Automated insights are available to all GA4 users and are a good way to get comfortable with learning more about measuring overall user experience. It’s a great way to save time, monitor and communicate adjustments for the success of ongoing marketing campaign efforts. 

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