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Providing Data for Key Decisions

Bringing actionable insights for growing current online programs or building new online programs


What is "PHOI"?
  • Providing market, occupation, completion, and competition trend insights to indicate the relative “health & opportunity index” for growing enrollments in a Current Online Graduate Program, or potentially creating a New Online Graduate Program
Available to:
  • University Administrators, Deans, Chairs, and Academic Program Directors interested in learning more about how their current programs are performing, or needing market trend insights for potentially new online programs
Sample Metrics:
  • Student Success & Interest - Course Quality, Program Completion Rates, Application Trends, Yield Rates
  • Market Data - Past, Current and Future Occupation Trends, Competitive Landscape

Getting Started

Interested in learning more about the review process,  or obtaining a report about your current or new program?

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