• Dr. Adam Fein, VP for Digital Strategy & Innovation and Chief Digital Officer
    • Dana Duke, Sr. Administrative Assistant
    • Katy Tunks, Administrative Coordinator
    • Krista Watts, Sr. Director for Strategic Planning
    • Megan Lawton, Project Coordinator
    • Shannon Rowland, Director, Budget and Operations 
    • Rena Vincent, Sr. Administrative Coordinator
    • Benjamin Brand, Senior Director, New Ventures


    • Dr. Rudi Thompson, Associate Vice President, Digital Strategy & Innovation; Executive Director, DSI CLEAR
      • Dan Watson, Sr. Program Project Coordinator

      Course Project Management Team

      Course Design Unit

      • Lauri Morrow, Associate Director of Instructional Design
        • Deborah Bockman, Instructional Design Consultant
        • Dave Denny, Sr Instructional Design Consultant
        • Kathleen Harris, Instructional Design Consultant
        • Austin Haynes, Sr. Instructional Design Consultant
        • Benjamin Nye, Instructional Design Consultant
        • Jordan Smith, Sr. Instructional Design Consultant
        • Thomas Tubbs, Instructional Design Consultant
        • Jessica Robberson, Instructional Design Consultant

      Creative Production Unit

      • Joesph Hoffmann, Director of Production
        • IT Senior Programmer Analyst (vacant)
        • Jon Holland, Assistant Director of Production
        • Eric Koch, Lead Multimedia Designer
        • Olivia Haynes, IT Programmer Analyst
        • Eric Michener, Lead Videographer
          • Vanessa Najera, Student Assistant (Part-time)
        • Stingray Schuller, Sr. Videographer
        • Cricket Childers, Videographer
        • Jeff Merrill, Lead Photographer/Videographer
          • Keilynn Rogers, Student Assistant (Part-time)
          • Asha Chowdhury, AV Assistant (Part-time)
        • Abril Bhattarai, Assistant Graphic Designer (Part-time)
        • Yamash Subedi, Assistant Graphic Designer (Part-time)

      Compliance Unit

      • Tania Heap, Director of Learning Research & Accessibility
        • Danae Harris, Digital Accessibility Specialist
        • Stephanie Hinojosa, Digital Accessibility Specialist
        • Caroline Kairu, Digital Accessibility Specialist
        • Charlesa Olmstead, J.D., Digital Compliance Officer
        • Daniel Bernardo, Digital Accessibility Specialist
        • Ethan Ligon, Digital Accessibility Assistant (Part-time)
        • Jarrod Trovada, Digital Accessibility Assistant (Part-time)
        • Treacy Lauren Flener, Student Assistant (Part-time)

      Faculty Development Unit

      • Aubree Evans, Senior Faculty Development Specialist
        • Tama Hebert, Technology Educational Trainer
        • Dr. Babafunso Adegbola, Assistant Faculty Development Specialist
        • Malka Riell, Graduate Assistant
        • Nirvik Thapa, Graduate Assistant

      Learning Applications Research Unit

      • Monique Scales, Application Support Analyst

    DSI Digital Growth

    • Karen Bollinger,Assistant VP for DSI Digital Growth
      • Cindy Carter, Sr Administrative Specialist
      • Patrick Pluscht, Executive Director, DSI Digital Growth
      • Caleb Walter, Digital Marketing Program Mngr
      • Daniel Wenk, IT Senior Programmer Analyst
      • Taylor Abramson, Marketing Coordinator
      • Kiera Gerner, Graphic Designer, Non-Student Help - Hourly
      • Mohak Kothari, Office Assistant (Part-time)
      • Jamie Mullis, Office Assistant (Part-time)
      • Emily Ross, Office Assistant (Part-time)

    DSI Enterprise

    • Sam Nikolai, Director, DSI Enterprise
      • Stephanie Myers, Digital Strategist
      • Tami Russell, Program Project Coordinator
      • Indra Bhagat, Program Project Manager
      • Jim Hoffman, Program Director, Energy Industry Finance & Accounting Continuing Education Programs
      • Denise Belmonte, Digital Strategist Intern (Part-time)
      • Kevin Huang, Student Success Coordinator
      • Divya Thailam, Student Assistant (Part-time)

    DSI Learning Research

    • Tania Heap, Director of Learning Research & Accessibility
      • Graduate and Undergraduate Interns
      • Audon Archibald, Data Analyst
      • Faculty Fellows