Learning Spaces Strategy Committee

The purpose of the Learning Spaces Strategy Committee (LSSC) is to provide a forum for campus leadership and key UNT stakeholders to examine best practices in new physical spaces that will enhance teaching and learning and the student experience at our institution. In service to the Space Planning and Management Committee (SPMC), the LSSC will be responsible for developing a digital strategy for the future of classrooms at UNT.

LSSC Board members will:

  1. Examine the current classroom inventory at Denton, Discovery Park, Frisco Hall and Frisco Inspire
  2. Review research on best teaching and learning practices in new classroom settings and understand high impact interventions
  3. Benchmark exemplary peer institutions and study successful implementations and infrastructure
  4. Using available data, develop a continuous improvement pathway including:
    1. An appropriate budget to equip rooms as associated with study findings
    2. Classroom categorization beyond its current state to include clear branding and tiers for these collaborative, flexible classrooms
    3. A process of matching rooms with instructional strategies
    4. Outlining criteria and metrics to ensure new classroom effectiveness and ROI
    5. Establishment instructor training based on each classroom tiers.
  5. Interact with and inform the SPMC and Capital Improvement projects impacting Learning Spaces

Members Include:

  • Steve Cobb, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (Co-Chair)
  • Ashley Olsberg, DSI Tech (Co-Chair)
  • Rudi Thompson, DSI CLEAR (Ex-Officio)
  • Adam Fein, Division of Digital Strategy and Innovation (Ex-Officio)
  • Helen Bailey, Facilities
  • Cheryl Benningfield, Office of Space Management and Planning
  • Andy Bolling, Office of Space Management and Planning
  • Jeffery Brown, Facilities
  • Yunfei Du, College of Information
  • Sarah Eckberg , Office of the Registrar
  • Konner Gonzalez, DSI Tech
  • Pierce Jackson, DSI Tech
  • Stephanie Ludi, College of Engineering
  • Brittany Reiner, Office of the Registrar
  • Alaina Replogle, Office of Space Management and Planning
  • Neely Shirey, Facilities
  • Cheryl Smith, Facilities
  • Hepi Wachter, College of Visual Arts and Design
  • Cindy Watson, Teach North Texas